Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coming in March - Steven Seagal is . . . Ruslan


Pine said...

"Told ya I wasn't a cop, bitch..."

bejaypea said...

I need to get a job writing Steven Seagal movies

Jim Blanton said...

Hey Chris,
I'm sure you've heard this already by now, but Ruslan has been pushed back to May . . . and is now titled Driven to Kill (personally I think Ruslan was a far better title). On the positive side Seagal is now with a new studio (Fox) which may result in better films . . . although we can't show them at Fantasmo : (

I actually found this nugget out through an email exchange with Vern. He had a very good point about the title change. They've ruined the potential for the perfect title of a Seagal NASCAR flick by using Driven to Kill at this moment in time! Folks may laugh now, but we both know that's not an absurd tie-in possibility.