Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Songs of Craig

Well, previously you have been treated to some of the various films about my friend Craig. Well, believe it or not, many songs have been written about him over the years. Here are but a few . . .

Pie of the Tiger
All You Need is Pie
Pie Writes the Songs (the make the whole world sing)
While my Moonpie Gently Weeps
(Pie can't get no) Satisfaction
Enter Moonpie
Moonpie Serenade
Pie Woke Up in Love this Morning
Pie was Made for Loving You
U Can't Touch Pie
Mr. Moonpie (bring me a dream)
Don't Fear the Moonpie
Brother Pie's Traveling Salvation Show

If anyone can think of anymore, be sure to leave them in a comment.

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