Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Santo Gold - Blood Circus

I'm not sure how many of my loyal readers remember Santo Gold. It was an infomercial unlike any you had ever seen before or seen since. It aired in the early 90's and featured a guy who called himself Santo Gold. Well, he wasn't just named Santo Gold, he sold gold jewelry that was touted as being made using the "Santo Gold Process." He also relentlessly advertised a movie he claimed to be making called Blood Circus. In the movie, there was an actual wrestling title belt with Santo Gold on it. Blood Circus was billed as a wrestling/horror/comedy that featured an actual rock singer named . . . you guessed it . . . Santo Gold. It's really hard to put into words just how odd the Santo Gold infomercial was. Rumor has it that the movie actually got made and had a premiere in Baltimore, MD. Unfortunately, only a handful of people ever showed up and the movie never played again. No copies or prints of the movie are known to still exist and Santo Gold himself is said to be in jail at the moment. Many people, however, still remember this show fondly as some of the greatest late-night entertainment to ever grace the TV screen. Here are a couple of clips. In the song performance, take note of the two talking angels. I guess they were supposed to be part of the plot of the movie. If anyone has a copy of the entire infomercial they could send me I'd appreciate it more than you know.


Anonymous said...

Toothman, Wiki tells us: As for Blood Circus, it was never shown to the public after it ended its initial run, and it is believed that the original copy of the film was lost. The only surviving copies of Blood Circus are the clips that were shown in the "Santo Gold" infomercials. So Solly!!!

Chris Johnson said...

Oh I know a copy of Blood Circus is more rare than the Holy Grail. I am looking for a copy of the entire Santo Gold infomercial.