Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shanks is now an Amazon Vine Voice

Thanks to the magic of the internets I have been able to reconnect with Andy Shanks, a buddy of mine from college. This man is a life-long video game player. In fact, he is so hardcore I remember him videotaping the end sequences of games back in the day. How he figured out how to record off of his Genesis is still a mystery to me today. In one classic tale which I will recount to you my friends and loyal readers, I disturbed him when he was at the end of a particular game and caused him to lose. He proceeded to come out of his room and knock the wind out of me! Needless to say, I never messed with him again when he was playing a game.

I bet some younger readers don't understand why Shanks would be so mad. You have to understand, before the original Playstation there were no memory cards! You'd have to somehow accumulate enough lives to burn through at the end to actually be able to finish a game. If some joker like yours truly came along and caused you to lose, you'd have to start all over. So don't judge Shanks to harshly on his anger.

Well, Shanks recently became a participant in the Vine Voice program on Amazon. They send him games for free so that he can play them and post reviews. Now that is some cool shit! Check out his page and read some of his reviews. The Matrix Fan.


Andrew Shanks said...

Damn, I still remember that.

What's worse? I even remember THE GAME I WAS PLAYING. It was Supreme Warrior and it was on the Sega CD.

Yeah, I think I was still irked about the bang snap to the head when I was trying to sleep - no worries though, my anger is much less these days.

Hell man, you remember all the Sega CD games I used to play? One of them had R Lee Emery, Deborah Harry, David Packer and Corey Haim. I guess video games are where actors went to die in the mid-90's.

Chris Johnson said...

Until you mentioned it I had completely forgotten about the bang-snap! I sure can be an annoying little fucker sometimes! hahahaha! All is always forgiven.

I do remember all those Sega CD games. I seem to remember Sianni bringing over Eco The Dolphin and that being one of the first CD games you played.

I also remember you playing a lot of SNES games like the updated Pitfall, Donkey Kong Country, and those supremely shitty Star Wars games.

andrew shanks said...

I think I used to videotape the endings because I was afraid I would forget somehow. Thankfully, I can just play the games on easy and I still whoop serious tail.

One of the easter eggs I found on Supreme Warrior was damn funny - playing on the hardest difficulty and using just the right combo, one of the female characters got her armor knocked off to reveal a thong bikini - right before my character gets a slap in the face.

That game programmer must've been a dateless wonder.