Monday, October 15, 2007

Brand New!

After looking at the various options out there for keeping an online journal I have decided on this one. I saw that Jim was using this format for the Phantasmo journal and so I thought I would follow suit. This is meant to be a fun, drama-free place for me to get stuff out of my head about all of the stuff I like and don't like in the world. Anyone can feel free to comment and participate in the discussions. If you have a serious comment, cool! If you want to be silly, cool! Heck, if you want to start your own jokes like the talkbackers on Ain't it Cool News do, be my guest. This is the People's Journal. That statement, of course, does not imply an endorsement by Duane Johnson!

It's kind of weird that I am doing this because there is so much about internet culture I can't stand. But, you will never see me using internet slang on here. Hence, the reference to this as a journal.

I will mainly stick to talking about things like movies, toys, TV shows, comic books, and music. But, anyone that knows me knows I love history. From time to time I will be writing about significant days in history. I also love politics but I have found discussing politics causes too much controversy. I may discuss politics from a more "Meet the Press" point of view. You know, not so much me spouting opinions but speculation and commentary.

So, welcome to the new Journal de Johnson. All I can say is, thank God it isn't My Space!

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