Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Transformers DVD out today!

Just in case you are living in a cave, the DVD of the 2007 live-action Transformers movie came out today! I went to Wal-mart on my lunch break and bought the Two Disc Edition. Almost all of the copies there had discs that were loose in the cases. I had to get the lady to open a new case and get me one that wasn't loose. I doubt the special features will be as much fun as those on the newest version of the original 1986 movie, but they should be interesting.

For the record, I really enjoyed this movie. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a big-time, life-long Transformers fan. Transformers is not some "nostalgia property" for me. I have been a fan since 1984 and have followed every incarnation since. Generation One will always be my favorite but I also love Beast Wars, Superlink, and this new movie. Do the characters look different than we have seen them before? Sure. But any long-time fan is used to seeing them look different. Are there too many humans in the live-action movie? Of course there are. But I knew going in to this movie to expect a lot of humans and not an all robot movie. Bottom line is, we got some awesome robot fights and transformation sequences. We also got the voice of Peter Cullen. With those things done right, do you really need anything else? I don't! I was kind of bummed out that they implied that Cybertron was uninhabitable because I would love to see more action take place there in future movies. But who knows, this is science-fiction after all. They may find a way to regenerate the planet.

Word from Michael Bay is we can expect to see Soundwave, Shockwave, and a gestalt team in the second film. Let's hope he reverses his opposition to mass shifting for Soundwave. But a live-action gestalt? Sign me up! I vote for Predaking.

Till All Are One!

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